Why is my Gum Swollen Around one Tooth

Swollen gum is causing discomfort and mouth diseases. If it is not handled, the swollen gum can
influence the bones and gland supporting your teeth. Why is my gum swollen around one tooth. It
seems to be a question to answer. An unhealthy gum is bleeding when you rub your teeth or touch. It usually colors pink, tight, and hold your teeth strongly.

Why Is My Gum Swollen?

Swollen gum is a common thing that you found. It is detected by swollen. In some cases, it happens
often until it covers the whole teeth. But, sometimes it attacks one tooth only These are some
increasing factors of the swollen gum around one tooth. What are the causes?

• Plaque

Accumulating the plaque on the teeth. The plaque contains many bacteria and some can influence
the health of the teeth. Generally, the cause of gum swollen is caused by the plaque being the rest of
the foods. Then, it lasts longer and unable to clean. The castoffs will accumulate and cause gingivitis
and swollen gum. Despite this, the saliva containing mineral will help cast-offs hardening and formed

• Gingivitis or gum inflammation

If you let it longer, it can cause your teeth swollen. It can cause inflammation or called gingivitis. It also becomes a disease on the teeth.

• Virus or Fungus Infection

What is another causing factor of gum swollen? It is potentially influenced by virus or fungus infection.
The virus or fungus is coming from food. If you don’t brush your teeth cleanly, it makes the infection.
When you are not managing the foods absorbed into your mouth, it is impossible to put a virus or
fungus to your mouth.

Why Is My Gum Swollen Around One Tooth

• Cavity

It can reach gum and causes the gum swollen.

• Smoking Habit

It is possibly increasing a swollen factor on your gum. You have to reduce this bad habit.

• Wrong Setting on the Teeth

Why is my gum swollen around one tooth? It is related to the setting of accessories on the teeth. The
setting of the accessories such as fake teeth or stirrup can cause gum swollen. When you find your
teeth swollen, you should do curing methods to make it relieving and healthy.

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