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Why Is It Bad To Swallow Gum?

Why Is It Bad To Swallow Gum? Have you ever asked this question? Is swallow very bad? What will happen if we swallow? Find the answer by reading the explanation below.

What Happens to Swallowed Gum?

Chewing has become a hobby for many people. Many people said that chewing gum can make them more relax. Sometimes, they also said that chewing are good for their jaw. What happens if we swallow accidentally? Is it dangerous? You may have ever heard about swallowed. There are people said that swallowed can stay in the stomach for 7 years. Actually, that is not true.

Why Is It Bad To Swallow Gum

Although your stomach can’t break down gum like breaking down other food, it doesn’t mean that swallowed can’t be released by your body. Your digestive system can move a piece of gum through normal intestinal activity. Finally, the swallowed comes out the other end when you have a bowel movement.

In other words, swallowed is not as dangerous as we think. But, we have to be careful when chewing gum. Why? It is because swallowing a large mass of may cause serious problems. If you swallow large mass of gum in a short period, it may block the digestive tract. This condition will be severe if you accidentally consume foreign objects like coins or non-digestible materials. The blockage will cause a serious problem.

Why Is It Bad To Swallow Gum

As an adult, you may easily prevent the blockage by throwing chewing gum after chewing it for some minutes. But, kids or children may not understand about it. If you are a parent, try to not give chewing gum to your kids as long as your kids don’t know about how to consume chewing .

Why Is It Bad To Swallow Gum

The Bad Effect of Chewing Gum

Why Is It Bad To Swallow Gum? We have mentioned that swallowing a piece of gum is not dangerous. But, what will happen if we chew day by day? Chewing gum usually made of gum resin and often contains preservatives and sweeteners. If we consume it often, it may cause bad effects. For example, sugar contains on chewing can disturb your teeth’s health. When it happens, your teeth may look unhealthy.

Sometimes, chewing can also cause gum disease. If we often chew gum hardly, it may make our gum irritation. But, don’t worry because gum disease can be handled well by Dental Pro 7. Dental Pro 7 is an effective solution to handle various gum diseases caused by various factors. Hopefully, the information about Why Is It Bad To Swallow Gum above is useful for you.

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