Reverse Your Tooth Decay

Tips to Reverse Your Tooth Decay

If your dentist told you that you have cavities, then this is the right time to think of ways to reverse your tooth decay. At this point, you confuse and ask yourself, can you reverse tooth decay? Since we were young,  we have been told Reverse Your Tooth Decaythat sugar can destroy your teeth. This is because carbs and sugars combined into the plaque biofilm which formed on the teeth and gum line after having a meal. Bacteria in the plaques, when combined with sugars, will cause the acids and that acid will attack your teeth enamel and cause tooth decay. There are several tips beyond flossing or brushing to help you avoid these cavities formed in your mouth.

Consume more nutritious meals

Instead of drinking a lot of water, consider adding more nutritious meals into your healthy diet. You can limit the carbs amount that you eat as well as foods that contain much sugar. This is a basic thing that you need to do in the first step.

What you drink can make a great difference

So far water is the best beverage to avoid cavities. You can use it to neutralize acid and brushing substitute in the situation where you cannot make it. Another best way to avoid the acid from getting damage in your tooth enamel is drinking with the straw. Sucking the liquid directly into your throat can give it less time to bathe your teeth.

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Having a good toothbrush

There are many people who stay with the same toothbrush for years, but if the bristles have frayed, then this is the right time to replace it. A good rule is changing your toothbrush every three months, especially after you’ve got a virus, a cold or even mouth infection. Nowadays, there are many toothbrush types that you can choose such as traditional straight, curved, soft medium, hard and much more. You can find the most comfortable toothbrush to you and use it regularly.

Reverse your tooth decay – Chewing sugarless gum

It may sound a bit ironic to tell someone to chew gum to keep good oral care, however, chewing sugarless gum after eating is very helpful to avoid cavities. Most of the sugar varieties contain natural sweetener known as xylitol. It helps you to reduce plaque formation and how that plaque sticks on your tooth. Can you reverse tooth decay? You can check some ways here.

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