Natrium Chloride in Indonesia | 0.9% NaCL can kill the virus in the nostrils

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What is Natrium Chloride in Indonesia or Sodium Chloride or Sea salt? – Natrium Chloride in Indonesia chemical formula is NaCL, a salt that does not contain iodine can be made as an infusion fluid among meditators, is generally used to restore electrolyte balance in a dehydrated state.

Natrium Chloride in Indonesia

Natrium Chloride in Indonesia

Other Uses of Natrium Chloride in Indonesia

From the results of research Drh. Moh Indro Cahyono Virus Expert that Natrium Chloride in Indonesia can kill COVID 19 stuck in the nostrils. To kill COVID 19 with sodium chloride or sea salt, provided it contains 0.9% sodium chloride or 0.9% NaCL for short. How to make 0.9% NaCL is 10 Grams or 10% Sea Salt mixed with 1 liter of clean water.

Get in the habit of washing your nostrils

The transmission of COVID 19 starts from the nostrils, get used to it after traveling or hanging out or touching or not keeping your distance from other people, try after returning home, wash your nostrils with 0.9% NaCL liquid.

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Natrium Chloride in Indonesia

Natrium Chloride in Indonesia

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Natrium Chloride

Natrium Chloride in Indonesia

5 Types of Salts and How to Use Each and Every One

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  • Table Salt (Halit, Natrium klorat)

Also known as “iodized salt,” table salt has very fine grains and contains potassium iodide and an anti-caking agent that helps prevent it from clumping. Because the anti-caking agent can give off a metallic taste when used in large quantities, table salt shouldn’t be used in savory recipes. It can be used when baking, though, because these types of recipes typically only call for small quantities of salt.
  • Kosher Salt ( consists of the chemical compound sodium chloride)

Sea salt ( Natrium Chloride) is taken from salt that evaporates or settles in sea water. In contrast, kosher salt is mostly mined from salt deposits at the bottom of wells and mines found on land

If you have room for only one salt in your panty, opt for kosher salt. Its texture is light but coarse (which helps you avoid over salting) and dissolves easily. It can be used in any application and is quite affordable (around $4 for a 3-pound box). One thing to keep in mind: Different brands of kosher salt will have different levels of salinity. For example Morton’s brand kosher salt is about 1 1/2 times more salty than the Diamond Crystal brand. So if for some reason you have to switch between brands, be sure to taste before salting.

Natrium Chloride in Indonesia

Natrium Chloride in Indonesia

  • Himalayan Pink Salt ( NaCl-sodium chloride)

In addition to table salt or table salt, there is also sea salt and Himalayan salt. The three salts have their respective advantages. But among the three, Himalayan salt has a better mineral content than sea salt ( Natrium Chloride) and table salt

The purest of all salt, Himalayan pink salt is harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. Easily recognizable because of its pink color, this salt contains all 84 natural minerals found in the human body. Because of its steep price tag and bold flavor, use Himalayan pink salt for finishing dishes.
  • Sea Salt or Natrium Chloride

  • Celtic Grey Sea Salt ( has a much higher trace mineral content (17.5%) than Himalayan salt (4.1%) )

Celtic salt contains a small amount of water which keeps it moist. In addition, this salt contains a number of minerals, but has a lower sodium content than sea salt ( Natrium Chloride). This salt has alkaline properties and can be used to prevent muscle cramps.