How do I get rid of pain in my gums-Bangladesh

Ways to Get Fast Relief of Gum Pain

Gum pain is a kind of accursed issue that happens because of some reasons, then you find out How do I get rid of pain in my gums-Bangladesh It can be caused by something simple such as canker sores, brushing your teeth too hard, retainers, wearing dentures or braces. For women, it may be caused by hormonal changes, menopause or even pregnancy and it may occur during your period. Another time, a pain gum may be a sign of more serious oral health problems such as gingivitis, thrush, and periodontitis. You start to explore various home remedies to relieve gum pain quickly. You need to make sure to learn about the difference between when you can be simple and safe to treat your gum at home or when you need to visit your dentist for professional help.

Fast treatments for gum pain

Using compress You can try a cold or hot compress to help you reduce the pain. You can use a hot compress by boiling water in the tolerable temperature. Soak your clean cloth and squeeze it then gently press that warm cloth to your face closed to the area where your gum pain occurred. For a cold compress, you need to wrap an ice pack with the clean cloth and apply it in the same as the hold compress.

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How do I get rid of pain in my gums-Bangladesh: Using salt water rinse

You need to warm one cup of water, just warm and pour it into the cold glass. Add 1 tablespoon of salt into the warm water and mix well. You can start to swish and rinse your mouth with this remedy, spitting water to the sink when you finished. The salt will help you to avoid the bacteria growth inside your mouth and help to reduce the bacteria on your gums that maybe cause the swelling. Rinse it with this saltwater at least twice per day.


You can grab a fresh bag of tea and soak it in boiling water for around five minutes as you make tea. Then, when the tea bag starts to cool down enough, then apply it directly to your painful gums for at least five minutes. You can choose a tea which contains high astringent tannins such as green tea, back tea or hibiscus tea. You can choose a tea containing anti-inflammation herbs such as ginger or chamomile. These herbs will soothe your pain when you need to find out How do I get rid of pain in my gums-Bangladesh

How do I get rid of pain in my gums-Bangladesh

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