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How cavities formed | Dental Pro 7 is Extremely powerful – How cavities formed? – Cavities form when bacteria in our mouth damage teeth. Cavities are formed starting from a very small size on tooth enamel. When left alone, the little hole will get bigger and deeper damage the tooth structure, it can even reach the dental nerve which causes severe toothache until it you feel the shaking.

So sometimes alternative treatment for cavities left enlarged and the entire network of dental extractions simply because the tooth had not helped or can not be maintained. Naturally we have thousands of bacteria in our mouths. The food for the bacteria in our mouth is sugar in the process of digestion or fermentation to produce acids that are chemically damage the teeth and cause cavities.


How cavities formedFirst, the bacteria eat sugar we consume. Whenever we consume foods and beverages that contain sugar will make our mouths too full of sugar.

The bacteria eat sugar and then produce acid. This acid is attached to the tooth surface to be cleaned by our saliva or cleaned when we brush our teeth. If the acid is left alone will begin to eat away at tooth enamel.

How cavities formed? – Set of bacteria that breed are contained in dental plaque. Where plaque is easy to be cleaned or removed, either by brushing or using dental floss to clean between the teeth part. If not cleaned, the plaques will absorb calcium and other minerals to form self-protection and more difficult to clean.

When cavities begin to form, we may not be able to see by naked eye. If the acid is allowed to be on the surface of the tooth, he will begin to “eat” the tooth surface on a large scale. Bacteria will enter and even multiply in these holes and consume more sugar to produce more acid. The process continues until the dentin even nerve damage.

How cavities formed? – It takes time to form cavities. Best protection against one is to limit the amount of sugar we consume. When you eat or drink something sweet immediately rinse with water. Brushing teeth was 2 times a day, in the morning after breakfast and at night before bed. Using dental floss or dental floss to clean between your teeth and see your dentist every 6 months.

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How cavities formed

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How cavities formed