Healthy Gums Vs Unhealthy Gums – Unhealthy Gums Applying Dental Pro 7

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Healthy Gums vs Unhealthy Gums

Healthy Gums vs Unhealthy Gums – Quite different from the teeth, the problems on the gum cannot be easily identified. It is because of the gum’s position that is more “hidden”. Besides, the symptoms of diseases like inflammation and gingivitis also cannot be seen clearly.

Healthy Gums Vs Unhealthy Gums
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Well, it is very important then to know the differences between healthy and unhealthy gums. The unhealthy gums may generate more severe diseases that are sometimes not easy to be cured. Here are the characters of them.

Healthy Gums

Healthy Gums Vs Unhealthy Gums – Healthy gums can be seen from their outer appearance actually. First, it should have a pink color. It is no matter if the pink is a little bit red or pale as long as it is still under the category of pink. It means that you must be aware if your gum is too red, too pale, or too dark.

Of course, there is an exception in which some people were indeed born with different gum colors. As an example is some African people have natural dark gum due to the hyper-pigmentation.

The healthy gum must also be strong, sturdy, and stable. You can try to touch and shake the gum for a little. If it is not moved at all, it is a good indication that your gum is healthy. Besides, the gum must also have a scalpty structure which looks like shells.

Sometimes, try to clean your gum using a tissue. If there are spots like pulps, it is another indication that your gum is in a good condition.

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Healthy Gums Vs Unhealthy Gums
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Unhealthy Gum

Healthy Gums Vs Unhealthy Gums – Unhealthy gum has broader characteristics for sure. It is because of the problems or diseases occurred in this area is also not only one. But in general, be aware if your gum has the following characteristics.

First, the color is not pink but too red, too pale, or too dark. The red gum can be a starting point of worse conditions like infections and inflammation. Meanwhile, non-genetic dark gum has commonly occurred on the gums of smokers, alcoholics, and dark addicts. In other words, such a color is an indication that your body is not in a good condition.

Second, it is that your gum is not stable or it can be easily moved. If this condition is along with other problems like the wound, bleeding, and even the bad breath, it is basically an indication of further diseases like inflammation.

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