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Healing Mouth Infections

Healing Mouth Infections without Antibiotics: Hey beauties I hope all’s going super, well with you today I want to share with you about how I healed my gum tooth, mouth infection without antibiotics and, I’ve done a video on this before, a couple of years ago when I healed, another similar infection and I got feedback on the video that it was not necessarily the most distinct video I’ve done so I feel like I can do better and have more expertise to share now back,

Healing Mouth Infections: Story I let my wisdom teeth come in naturally and the top right one got infected from that last video that I did, a couple of years ago I healed that, infection it had a really big cavity in, it so I chose to have that pulled out, just because it was a pain to clean and keep clean and then with this one it’s, Happened it happened a few weeks ago, started maybe like a month ago with my left wisdom tooth and there’s no real,

Cavity in it it just got infected and I’ll share a little bit about that, and I’ve healed it naturally without antibiotics didn’t get cold or anything, and I’m feeling great so I want to share with you what I did before I start some, people may be asking what why does this, keep happening to you it’s a great question I think that um well first of,

All during pregnancy I’m pregnant right, now it sounds like because of hormonal, changes it’s really common that people, have more sensitive gums, and I generally have sensitive gums and teeth anyway it’s just an area where my sensitivity show up if I’m stressed or traveling or just in general life stuff,

Healing Mouth Infections

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Healing Mouth Infections: That comes up so I think that’s why it’s, come up for me and it felt really, empowering to heal it and to not you, know have to go through this big procedure and get this tooth pulled, which isn’t what I wanted, so I’m just gonna breathe through what, I’ve done to heal both of these times,

The first thing that I do when I get up, in the morning is I ll pull with coconut oil and take about a tablespoon of this, and swish it around in my mouth or around 15 to 20 minutes and I won’t go, into detail about that because I have a video about my morning oral hygiene, routine that I’ll link below which you, can check out then when I’m done oil, pulling I swish with salt water and

I also especially with my last wisdom tooth because there was such a like the cavity was like up and back and really, hard to get to just by swishing I also use a syringe to like squirt the salt, water up and into the area of my mouth, that’s infected so if you have a tooth, with like an area you’re trying to get, to especially with wisdom teeth that are way in the back I really recommend you, Healing Mouth Infections without Antibiotics

Using this once I’m done with that I just swish with clean filtered water so, whatever I’m using for drinking water, then I brush my teeth and I personally, really like to use a super soft bristled, toothbrush I use actually like a baby, brush because it feels really good and, my teeth gums and I brush with this, toothpaste that I have made and I’ll, link the recipe down below because Healing Mouth Infections

Healing Mouth Infections

Healing Mouth Infections: Really simple and I’ll also link a brand, that makes it that is really similar to, this recipe basically the same after I brush my teeth I sort of target the area, where I’m having the infection come up, so this has come up for me around my gums my tooth and also around my cheek, where the the tooth has sort of, irritated the cheek and then the cheek, becomes maybe not infected but like.

, where parts of it stick out and it’s, getting caught all the time it’s also, happened where the infection is just, like spread down my gums a little bit, and they feel really sensitive so for, those sensitive areas you’re, Healing Mouth Infections

experiencing I take a q-tip and I dip it, in the concoction I’ve made which in, this case is again really clean filtered, water that you would drink and I am, using two essential oils right now I’m using tea tree essential oil so when, this was full I put in I think like one, maybe two drops of this tea tree and then two drops of clove oil and there, are a lot of essential oils that are great for this these two are my favorite, the tea tree for sure for sure I recommend and then the clove is also, Healing Mouth Infections without Antibiotics

Healing Mouth Infections: Really great and and it also has like a sort of numbing effect which is nice and, I’ve actually used clove more directly, when I was feeling a lot of pain and, wanted to numb with my previous ways, wisdom tooth so that’s my morning, routine to keep my mouth clean,

Throughout the day I’ve implemented two, things when healing infection one is, creating a risk that is like I make it, like a tea that is chamomile and say, so if you can get those fresh fresh, stage is usually in the herb Department, of supermarkets or there’s so many places that wild sage grows chamomile, you can usually get it in the bulk, section if you have bulk teas and also, Healing Mouth Infections without Antibiotics

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maybe you have it growing you can also, get a bag of chamomile and I’d create, like I brew a tea basically with those, things put it in a glass jar and then I can swish that throughout the day and it doesn’t have to be warm the whole time, it’s nice when it’s warm but I usually can keep that concoction for like three, to four days and then I’d make a fresh, one if I’m still healing infection and,

that helps me keep my mouth clean so I swish with that after I eat or something, like that I also eat on just the undisturbed side of my mouth so it was, especially effective in healing this, tooth recently because as long as I didn’t get more food in there or you, Healing Mouth Infections

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know was creating more things that would, irritate it throughout the day it gave, it a lot of space to heal and then my, nighttime routine for cleaning out my, mouth is sort of an abbreviated version, so I wouldn’t switch with salt water, again his syringe anything in there that, I felt like needed it and brush my teeth.

I think the order didn’t matter so much, for me I’ve done it both ways and then, again swab with that essential oil mix, doing these things both times has helped, me heal my infected mouth or gums or teeth within about a week I think as, well as you know just generally resting, and taking, myself making sure I had plenty of fluids, yeah just focusing a lot on self-care,

and I find this really uplifting because, a lot of times I think people are told, that we can’t heal infections without antibiotics and in my experience our, bodies have such an incredible ability, to heal and they’re always trying to, bring us into greater alignment and, greater health they’re always moving in, Healing Mouth Infections without Antibiotics

Healing Mouth Infections  image | That direction if we just give them the, conditions to thrive and help them along, in some of these ways by Healing Mouthkeeping our, mouth clean and this in this case then, we can really allow them to do what they, do best I hope that this is helpful for, you if you’re curious about the more, extended version of what’s come up with, my tooth but came up last time pregnancy, and gum stuff I have done a longer, extended podcast on this that you can, check out and I’ll link that down below,

if you have any questions feel free to, post them in the comment section below, if you have anything that you found, works really well for you I’d love to, hear about it again these are just some, options there are so many different, natural remedies that work really well, in these types of situations so I hope, you’re having a beautiful day thank you so much I’ll see you guys, so much I’ll see you guys. Healing Mouth Infections

Healing mouth, tooth, gum infection without antibiotics with Dental Pro 7

Healing Mouth Infections