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Big Dental Pro 7 – Why You Should Purchase the Big Package of Dental Pro 7

The big Dental Pro 7 package is one of the package types offered by the company. The other Big Dental Pro 7packages are the medium package, which is for 7-month usage and the small package, for 2-month usage only.

Big Dental Pro 7 – The package itself contains the Dental Pro 7, which is a concentrated liquid made of natural ingredients beneficial to make your teeth and gum healthier with a practical way. Well, compared to the other packages, apparently, the big one, which is designed to be consumed for 14 months, is better to buy by you, and here is why.

Big Dental Pro 7 Promo

Today’s Special Offer # 1: Most Popular

1 x Large ‘Extra Strength’ Kit **7 Month Supply**

– Works out at only $18 a month
– Save $96
– Free Shipping

Retail Price $179.82 Sale Price Only $127 + Free Shipping

Today’s Special Offer # 2: Best Value

1 x XL ‘Extra Strength’ Kit **14 Month Supply**

– Works out at only $14 a month
– Save $260 (compared to the small ‘2 month supply’ bottles)
– Free Shipping

Retail Price $279.82 Sale Price Only $199.97 + Free Shipping


Dental Pro 7 – 2 month supply

Powerful, 100% Natural ‘Extra Strength’ Gum/tooth/breath solution – 1 x 22ml Bottle, 2 month supply with $5 ‘flat rate’ standard airmail shipping to anywhere in the counties listed at the top of this page

1 x ‘Extra Strength’ 22ml bottle **2 Month Supply**

Retail Price $79.82 Sale Price Only $59.97 + $5 Shipping

Big Dental Pro 7


  1. You can save more money

Big Dental Pro 7 – If we compare the price, the big package obviously cost the most in total since it costs USD 199.97, while the medium costs USD 127 and the small package is USD 59.97. However, by purchasing the big Dental Pro 7, you can actually save more money! If we purchase two packages of 7-month one, it will cost you USD 254 in total, while purchasing seven packages of 2-month one costs USD 419.79! It would be better to buy the 14-month instead.

2 You can gain more

Big Dental Pro 7 – Well, this is trivial, but it also needs to be stated that the package is more complete compared to other packages. By purchasing it, you can get the things you would not get by purchasing the other types of package. Well, these facts make the big Dental Pro 7 as the best package you can buy.

How to use Big dental pro 7

Step 1 – what is dental pro 7 for Brush two times daily in the morning and evening using 2-5 drops of Dental Pro 7 on your toothbrush.

Step 2 – Floss daily before brushing – more often as needed. Clean any food particles out after each meal.

Step 3 – Use Dental Pro 7 as mouthwash twice daily: morning and evening. Just put 3-5 drops of the product into an ounce of water, gargle, and swish. it is necessary to kill the harmful bacteria in the mouth along with the back of the tongue.

Step 4 – In the morning, afternoon and as needed: put 2-3 drops on the tip of the tongue to layer the gumline and teeth to kill bacteria’s and keep breathing fresh.

Big dental pro 7


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