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Information Eliminate Bad Breath

Eliminate Bad Breath – Bad breath is mainly sourced from inside the mouth, or can be caused by something else that comes not from the mouth. Some of the factors that cause bad breath, among others:
1. The rest of the food is tucked in between the teeth, or tucked away in cavities
2. Dental cavities especially rotten
3. The rest of the tooth root is not revoked
4. gums are inflamed (swollen)
5. The number of tartar

Problems over the place where the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. Leftover food will be broken down by bacteria that will produce chemical gas volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). The tongue is the region’s largest contributor to bad breath, especially in the rear. Because the area is dry, any leftover food particles and dead cells causing bacteria thrive VSCs.

If you want to “eliminate bad breath” of the causes of the above please first read this article until the end.

Eliminate Bad Breath

Other causes of bad breath

6. Dry mouth saliva helps clean the mouth. Lack of drinking water intake or a dry mouth can make the mouth dry and remove odor. The most common example during sleep, saliva production decreases and when you wake up in the morning mouth will emit odor

7. This kind of lifestyle like drinking coffee, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and others can also contribute to bad breath.

If you want to “eliminate bad breath” of the causes of the above please first read this article until the end.

8. Chronic illness can also cause bad breath such as diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure, gastric acid reflux, nasal conditions (such as sinus infections) and throat, as well as drugs that can reduce the production of saliva.

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Eliminate Bad Breath

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