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Home Remedies

How to fix unhealthy gums? You may experience unhealthy gums but you do not even know it. If you see bleeding on your gum then you are currently experiencing the mild one. Consider this as your warning sign. When it becomes more serious, then it is called as periodontitis.

How To Fix Unhealthy GumsSurgery is the most recommended method that will be suggested by the dentists. But if the condition is still mild, you can treat it with natural remedies.

Even though natural remedies could take longer on the healing process, it will not cause any side effect. Natural remedies could also give an improvement to your overall health. Here are the natural remedies you could try.


How to fix unhealthy gumsĀ  – Yarrow

Yarrow is popular as the nosebleed woundwort. The juice produced by this thing could stop any bleeding. You can chew it to overcome a toothache. Receding gum could be overcome with this natural remedy because it contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anticoagulant. The leaves can be used both the raw and the dried ones.

But if you the herb is too complicated for you, the essential oil is available in the drugstore though. The oil is very strong and you better mix it with pure coconut oil first. After that, you can apply it on the gum as the way on how to fix unhealthy gums.


Other than giving a taste on your cooking, it also helps to overcome receding gums. All you need to do is peeling out the outer skin of this herb and then use it to brush your teeth and coat your gum. You can also mix it with hot tea. If you pick sumac from your yard, make sure you do not pick the one with white berries because it is the poison one.

Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass contains antiseptic and anti-fungal property. It could prevent any type of bacteria and yeast growth that are commonly found in the moth. Lemongrass is also rich in astringent and anti-inflammatory. You can simply boil 3 stems of it in the water and gargle it inside your mouth. Regular application will help you to relieve the inflammation and later you will get the normal yet healthy texture of your gum.

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There is also another thing you can use called as Dental Pro-7. It is a bottle of fluid that contains a huge natural active ingredient that will help to improve your oral health. You can even use Dental Pro-7 to be the side medication on how to fix unhealthy gums.