Dental Pro 7 Eliminates Teeth and Gum Problems – How severe the Problems

The Dental Diary: Dental Pro 7 Eliminates Teeth and Gum Problems

Do you know that Dental Pro 7 eliminates teeth and gum problems? Below are the problems that Dental Pro 7 has completely tackled (or lessened) in the past:

Receding Gums

Normally, gums would cover a part of the teeth so that the teeth are not too exposed to the air. Normally, gums Receding Gumswould protect the teeth’s nerve so that you would not feel any sort of pain when you are doing anything with the teeth. Normally, there would be no pocket of space between the gum and the teeth. If you found your gum line receding, then that is the moment you will know that your gum is out of the ordinary.

While this might not be too much of a problem judging from the premise, this is actually very problematic. Not only that the nerves on your teeth will be exposed from the lack of gum, the ‘emptiness’ between your teeth and the gum will be a free real estate for any bacteria that arrived there. Food and any other stuff can get stuck there, making it a place where harmful bacteria can grow. A too-septic gum is a gum that is ripe with problems, so you might want to avoid that.

There are a lot of causes to receding gums, but your gene can also play a part on it. If you are one of those unlucky beings, then perhaps you should give Dental Pro 7 a try. Pro 7 will help you clean the bacteria within the pockets of space and will be a good thing to brush your teeth with.

Just make sure to go to the dentist after you have used the Pro 7 because receding gums, no matter how mild or severe they are, will require the care of a dentist to be fully rid of (this is because Dental Pro 7 only helps it from getting worse, not curing it entirely).


Bad breath

You know that moment when you breathe and you feel that your breath is even more deadly than a dragon’s fiery breath? That is what having a bad breath really feels like. Bad breath is something that can be pretty nasty to have because it will not only affect you. Having a bad breath will affect others aside from you. In fact, it is probably other people who would be affected first because there is nothing worse than having to smell a person’s bad breath.

Bad breathThe smell of bad breath can range from a minor annoyance to possibly lethal (this is a hyperbole, if you do not notice), depending on how worse the case is. It is not nice to have, especially if you are surrounded by people. It can hit you right on the pride, and everybody always dislikes being around or talking to people who got bad breath.

The causes of bad breath itself vary. Some people got a bad breath because they have eaten garlic or any other smelly food. Some people got a bad breath because they got tonsil stones in their tonsils. Mouth sores can also cause bad breath, and so does decaying teeth and troubled gums.

To get rid of a nasty garlic mouth, the only thing you can do is to swish your mouth with plain milk, drink it, and brush your teeth after. It might not fully rid the bad breath, but it helps. If not, you can also use Dental Pro 7 and brush your teeth with it after you have brushed your teeth with your toothpaste of choice. a bottle of Pro 7 contains an extract of cornmint, or commonly known as Japanese peppermint. It is very effective when it comes to killing bacteria and it smells nice and tastes pretty nice, too.

The other ingredients are an assortment of mints (peppermint and spearmint) which makes Pro 7 smells nice. Brushing the teeth with a dose of  Pro 7 is possibly the equivalent of you sucking on a peppermint leaf, so it should be able to help you with bad breath caused by garlic and other smelly foods.

Tonsil stones require you to have a tonsil pick, which is a nice, often-lightened blunt-edged pick that you can use to probe your tonsils. Ask a friend to probe the place for you or you can go to the dentist if you are unsure about your friend’s probing skills. There is nothing you can short of visiting a doctor if you got a mouth sore, though.

Both decaying teeth and gum problems can also be cured by Dental Pro 7, depending on how bad the cases are. As long as it is not too bad, Pro 7 can cure them both. If the teeth had already decayed to the point it is no longer recognizable, then tough luck for you because you probably need to have them replaced. In no way that Pro 7 claim that it can make a tooth grow again, so if you are looking to regrow your teeth, DO NOT buy Pro 7. Dental Pro 7 eliminates teeth and gum problems

Bleeding gums

Gums are not supposed to bleed. When they do bleed, many factors can cause it. Perhaps you have brushed your teeth too rough because you are afraid of the nasty bacteria (by the way, bacteria would not just ‘go away’ even if you brush your teeth hard). Perhaps you have just scraped a layer of plaque on the surface of the gum.  Maybe there are harmful bacteria playing darts on the surface of your gum.

Bleeding gumsIf you have just scraped a layer of tartar build up (plaque) and your gum bleeds, you should not worry too much about it. It is pretty normal for your gum to bleed as long as it does not bleed profusely.

The reason for the bleeding is simple: your gum is a very sensitive part, and when you irritate it by plucking away the plaque that has been stuck on it for a moment, of course it will bleed. Provided the bleeding is only temporary, you do not need to do anything for the gum.

For the other reasons aside from tartar build up, Dental Pro 7 can help you with bleeding gums. Not only those two, Pro 7 contains an extract of a plant called Immortelle. For those of you who do know anything about plants, Immortelle has been around for a long time, and Greek people of yore had already used Immortelle to cure themselves of any wound.

Bleeding gums, if not treated well, can lead to other scenarios that are worse than the bleeding itself. If you spot a bleeding gum, better pop a cork of Pro 7 and brush your teeth gently with it. If not, go to the dentist and have the gum checked. A dentist will charge you just to check your teeth, though, so be prepared to splurge extra cash if you decide to make an appointment.

Tooth decay

People have said that there is no worse ache to feel than a toothache, and if you once felt a severe toothache, Tooth decaypretty sure that you would be inclined to agree with that age old saying. Teeth problems, while not many of them are lethal to you (some are lethal to your public appearance though), are problems that will be a major annoyance to your lives. Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent causes of a toothache, and if someone got a toothache, chances are their tooth or teeth is decaying. To prevent this from getting worse or to entirely eliminate the pain, you can go with a root canal procedure.

If you got a case of tooth decay and you do not want to have a root canal procedure, the only thing you can do is to take in painkillers and hope your body regeneration system kicks in quickly. Even then, there are cases where even your body regeneration system would not be able to heal your teeth, in which you will need to undergo a root canal procedure eventually. Tooth decay sucks, but they it is prevalent and there is nothing you can do to them short of waiting for them to get rid of themselves.

The ol’ nasty problem is certainly something that Dental Pro 7 can prevent. You see, a normal tooth got a full crown and whatnot. A decayed tooth will be missing several parts of the crown. A severe tooth decay will have your tooth missing a crown entirely, leaving the more sensitive part of the tooth exposed to bacteria and food. If it does happen, be prepared to feel some serious toothache because having your nerve being ‘swayed’ by something is very painful.

While Pro 7 has no capability to help someone regrow a tooth crown (in fact, there are no people in the world who can regrow the crown of their teeth), it is still capable of lessening its effect or even halt the decaying process entirely. Tooth decay is often caused by harmful bacteria or substance eating away a part of your tooth, gradually making it gone if you keep it untouched. Dental Pro 7 contains many antiseptic ingredients that can at least lessen the effect of the decay. If the decay is not that bad, it can even halt the decay entirely before it gets even worse.

Swollen gums

Swollen gumsBig gums are bad, but they are not entirely harmful to the body. They are harmful to your appearance, though, so use Dental Pro 7 to cure it. You can find many causes for it, but inflammation is mostly the main cause.

Gum infections

Gum infections are even more prevalent than teeth infections (because teeth cannot be ‘traditionally’ infected). Worse, gum infections can ‘spread’ around the body. If your gum is infected, there is a chance that it can affect your general health as well. It is not a strange case for someone whose gum is problematic to develop fever and to have their lymph nodes swollen. Both are nasty things to have and both can derive from gum infections. Infections happen because of an uncontrolled bacteria growth. This can happen anywhere in the body, and the mouth is probably one of the places where infections mostly strike.

If left untreated, gum infections can force you to undergo a root canal procedure. Problems surrounding the gum Gum infectionsand teeth areas are basically problems that can be very hard to take in, and they are problems that need to be ‘cured’ using non-traditional ways. Not only they are very painful, there is little you can do to heal them. In fact, there is no way of healing them outside of probing the nerves hiding underneath your teeth and replacing them with a substance made out of a plant thingy (which is what a root canal procedure is).

Dental Pro 7 is a good way of controlling any bacteria in your mouth, reducing the chance of gum infection and/or eliminating it entirely provided you use it habitually.

Gum diseases

Gum diseases are abundant in number, but most are curable and preventable using Dental Pro 7. As long as the Gum diseasesgum diseases are not caused by genetics and not too severe, there is little that Dental Pro 7 cannot cure. Brush your teeth gently with it. If you use Dental Pro 7 but you still brush pretty roughly, then it will only add to the chance of injury.

Gum diseases are usually caused by bacteria or rough brushing. Dental Pro 7 contains an assortment of ingredients that can get rid of bacteria. If that is not enough, it also contains Manuka, a plant that you can find in New Zealand. Manuka is famous for its antiseptic property, too, and has been used by New Zealanders for a long time.


Inflamed gums

Inflamed gumsMostly a symptom of other diseases instead of a major disease on its own, inflamed gums can be pretty painful to have. Pro 7 anti-inflammatory property will see to it nicely and quickly.

Myrrh is contained within a bottle of Dental Pro, and within Myrrh itself is a substance that can reduce inflammation. Because many gum diseases often cause inflammation, the presence of Myrrh is certainly something that one with inflamed gums would appreciate.


Dental Pro 7 Eliminates Teeth and Gum Problems – There is a part of your gum called gingiva, which is located near the base of your teeth. If it ever got inflamed, Gingivitisgingivitis occurs. It is a mild problem, but left untreated it can cause a myriad of other problems. Use Pro 7 to reduce the inflammation and to give you a numb sensation if it ever hurts.

To use Pro 7 for gingivitis, there are several methods you can try. First, you can try brushing your teeth and the gingiva with it. Provided you brush it gently, the gingivitis will gradually go away.

If you are afraid of making your gum bleed again, then perhaps you can rub a few drops of Pro 7 on the gingival area. Do this after you have brushed your teeth and the problem will be long gone in no time.

Gum pockets

Dental Pro 7 Eliminates Teeth and Gum Problems – Mostly the after effects of receding gum. You treat gum pockets the same way you would treat a receding gum.  Gum pocketsGum pockets can be worse than receding gums, but they have the same physical and mental health effects. If you keep the pockets intact, it would not be long before your teeth would start to fall off. With gum pockets, you will experience old age without actually living the years!

Like it has been mentioned before, use Dental Pro 7 and go to the dentist after. Gum pockets are not something you can cure using the DIY method per se, so you might want to have the delicate hand of a dentist to treat the pockets. Dentists would clean away any dirt that got stuck on the pocket and then ‘smoothens’ it so that bacteria and any other food debris would not get stuck in it.

The reason why Dental Pro 7 should be used is because of its antiseptic-ness. Gum pockets can get bigger when bacteria fill it, so a medicine with an antiseptic property should be very helpful. Pro 7 is just that.

Dental Pro 7 Eliminates Teeth and Gum Problems – Sore gums

Sore gums can be caused by a lot of things. Perhaps you have just accidentally stabbed your gums with a fork. Maybe you just drank something that can irritate the gum. Maybe you are eating a bag of crisp and the sharp part of the crisp stabbed the gum (which happens a lot of time). You can use Pro 7 to numb the pain and help the body recover.

Pro 7 contains the extract of Indian cloves, which are known for their antiseptic property and for their anesthetic effect. Antiseptic means harmful to bacteria, which are often the cause of any gums or teeth problems. Because it also got an anesthetic effect, this would mean that any kind of pain you have to endure when you got a gum or teeth problem will be numbed by it.

That is all about Pro 7 and the major problems that it has tackled or lessened in the past. Dental Pro 7 eliminates teeth and gum problems depending on how severe the problems are, so you should give it a try if you are tired of synthetic drugs.