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About Smoking and Oral Health

The human mouth is the home to over 20 billion bacteria, person who practices good dental care has about 100,000 bacteria living on the surface of Smoking and oral healtheach of their tooth whereas those who have poor oral hygiene has up to 1 billion bacteria on each tooth surface. If that seems scary, you will want to start taking your oral hygiene business more seriously right after you read this fact: bacteria multiplies every five hours! That’s right. Imagine how many bacteria in your mouth if you go 24 hours without brushing your teeth? Keep reading to learn more about smoking and oral health with Dental Pro 7 to understand the correlation between the two and find out how to kick your bad habits.

Poor Lifestyle Affects Your Smoking and Oral Health

It is, no wonder that bacteria in your mouth is seen as a massive threat. Their great number combined with poor dental habits most people adopt nowadays will surely lead to various problem such as bad breath and gum disease if left untreated. Most of you reading this article may have practiced good dental care. You brush your teeth properly twice a day, you scrape your tongue to get rid of any build-up that can cause bad breath, you floss and use mouthwash to finish off your dental hygiene routine. But do you know if your lifestyle also greatly impacts your oral hygiene and can possibly undo your hard work in keeping your mouth clean and fresh?

Health officials have stated their findings about the fact that more than 1 billion people worldwide smoke, as well as the fact about around 600,000 people die from secondhand smoke and 5 million people die from tobacco related illness annually. Not only do smoking greatly impact your and others respiratory tracts, it also the biggest offender of chronic long-term gum disease, bad breath, and tooth discoloration.

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Do Pipe and Cigar Smoking and oral Health Cause Dental Problems?

A bad news to smokers out there. Dental problems aren’t only caused by cigar smoking, but also pipe smoking. Pipe smoking, which some smokers consider as a better, and safer way to smoke. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no such a thing as safe smoking. Studies on smoking and oral health found that pipe smoke contains about 4,000 compounds of toxic mix of substances, similar to both cigar and cigar smoking. Once you catch an oral disease, these toxic substances interfere the flow of blood to gums which makes healing ten times more difficult. That fact alone is the main reason why records show that those who smoke are more likely to developing a gum disease and losing their teeth in the process.

No Smoke, Yet Plenty Of Fire

Smokeless tobacco products are as bad as smoking. Many misleading information lead people to believe that smokeless tobacco is not as dangerous as other way of smoking. Many articles even go as far as claiming how tobacco is practically harmless and the real dangerous thing is the “smoking” itself. Using that logic they successfully convince many people that smokeless tobacco is healthier than smoking tobacco. That claim couldn’t be further from the truth! With 3,000 chemicals in it, the amount of nicotine you get from dipping or chewing smokeless tobacco in your mouth for about 30 minutes is equal to smoking about 3-4 cigarettes.

Smokeless tobacco causes receding and bleeding gum, cracked lips, white spots, and it also greatly increases your risk for stroke and heart disease and worse, 3 types of cancers. Not a shocker considering smokeless tobacco contains around 28 chemicals that are strongly linked to cancers such as pharynx cancer, esophagus and cancer of the mouth. A few of said chemicals are nitrosamines, polonium, formaldehyde, cadmium, and arsenic.

Kick Your Tobacco Habit!

There is no “but!” Before the side effects takes a toll on the quality of your life. Before it’s too late. Kicking your tobacco habit may seem a daunting task especially at the beginning as tobacco is remarkably addictive, and if this is your first time trying to kick it off, understand that there will be so many slip ups, but do not beat yourself up because of it! Simply dust it off and try again.

How Can I Quit Tobacco?

The road to ending tobacco addiction isn’t smooth, but after seeing how smoking and oral health don’t go well together, a drastic lifestyle change is needed. There’s simply no better way than completely going cold turkey and getting the support you need at this difficult time. Focus on treating your dental problems before it gets worse with Dental Pro 7, the best solution to end your dental woes! With all natural ingredients such as Helichrysum italicum that works as an anti-inflammatory agent and Leptospermum scoparium that has been scientifically proven to be the greatest bacteria killer, makes Dental Pro 7 the right choice for you to heal your gum disease as well as regenerate the damaged cells.

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Dental pro 7 smoking and oral health