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Types of Receding Gums Surgery

Whenever you experience receding gums, you may have ever thought about outgoing gums surgery. Actually, not every case of outgoing gum should be treated by surgery. There are things should be considered. Read the information below to know more about surgery for receding gums.

Receding Gums Surgery

As mentioned before, not every case of receding gums should be treated by surgery. It depends on the condition of your receding gums. The best way to do is going to a dentist. A dentist will know whether you need surgery or not. If your receding gums is not severe, your dentist may do a deep cleaning. Deep cleaning process refers to a process of removing plaque and tartar that causes outgoing gums. Not only removing plaque and tartar, the exposed teeth roots will be smoothed by a dentist to avoid harmful bacteria.

Receding Gums Surgery
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So, what is Receding gum surgery? Receding gum surgery is just recommended for severe receding gums. Whenever a dentist can’t treat your receding gums, it means you need to take surgery. There are some types of receding gums surgery. First is open flap scaling and root planing. In this procedure, the dentist or periodontist folds back your affected gum tissue to remove harmful bacteria from the pockets. After that, the dentist or periodontist will secure your gum tissue in place over the tooth root for reducing and eliminating their size.

Another type of outgoing gums surgery is regeneration. In this procedure, the affected gum tissue will be folded back to remove harmful bacteria. And then, dentist or periodontist will apply regenerative material like graft tissue, membrane, or tissue-stimulating protein to make your body naturally generate tissue and bone in that area. There are still other surgery types to treat receding gums. The method may look similar in some steps.

How to Prevent Receding Gums

We know that receding gums will make us feel uncomfortable. Try to prevent receding gums by tooth brushing your gum properly. You can avoid smoking too. Yes, smoking builds sticky plaque on your teeth and causes receding gums. By avoiding this bad habit, you have a chance to have healthier gums.

Whenever you experience receding gums, don’t be panic. Try to use the natural product to treat your receding gums. For example, you can use Dental Pro 7. It is made of 100% natural ingredients that work faster to heal your receding gums. Even, you can get your money back if the product doesn’t give you the best result. Well, those are some information about receding gums surgery, and hopefully, the information is useful to you.