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Info: Do not ignore cavities

Do not ignore cavities“, immediately to the dentist for treatment and fillings especially, if left unchecked will cavities infection can spread and attack the organs related to teeth, such as the nose and head.

“Don’t ignore your oral cavity” can strike one other organs such as the nose and will add to the suffering of the patients as suffering from maxillary sinusitis.

Maxillary sinusitis, which is inflammation of the sinus cavity that is located in the cheek, sinusitis can be caused complications abnormalities in the nasal cavity. Another cause was complications of dental abnormalities.

“Do not ignore cavities” especially the fourth gear and so on (toward the molars) that could potentially lead to the top of sinusitis. The first tooth until the third (top) will not cause cavities and maxillary sinusitis despite the infection also lower teeth. Although the inflamed molar tooth, the infection will not spread to the sinuses.

Do not ignore cavitiesSinus cavities Symptoms of flu never healed., The nose is clogged in the affected part. Not infrequently these conditions accompanied by headache and inflammation of the tooth. Patients may be stories frequent colds, nasal right side of the dead end, and the teeth on the right side of infection.

If the upper teeth cavities and infections, for solving the problem is to pull the teeth and cleaned of bacteria, symptoms of sinusitis complaints gradually stopped. ‘Because the source of the infection has been treated.

Revocation of cavities is the final decision if the tooth root and damaged shrink along with widespread infection. Recommended if not severely damaged tooth root cavities better just patched.

Tooth decay and infection is widespread and sinusitis patients experience symptoms, treatment should be the same between the cavities and the bacteria is turned off and sinusitis treated early.

What could happen cause maxillary sinusitis can cause tooth infection? According to the experts say the danger of maxillary sinusitis does not cause dental infections. Dental infections can cause maxillary sinusitis part, but not vice-versa.

Do not ignore cavities – Your choice of dental cavities can be done

1. First Went to the dentist cleared of infection and cavities patched
2. The second way to use other alternative is the use of dental pro 7 or Oram plus to eradicate the bacteria, after it went to the doctor to patch cavities.

How long are used to maintain the teeth is to brush your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste commercial and use mouthwash containing chemicals mainly SLS, Fluoride and alcohol, there is now a new way to keep your teeth and around the mouth using a 100% natural, ie dental Pro 7 and Oram Plus, both of these products does not use SLS, Fluoride and Alcohol.


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Do not ignore cavities

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Do not ignore cavities